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Pot Bellied Pigs/Disaster with potty training


Hi Patricia,

We have a 17 week old female mini pig, we got her at 9 weeks just after she had been neutered.
I read Pricillas book and we have followed the potty training guidelines to the letter.
At first our pig Poppy just kept pulling everything out of the litterbox, we tried everything pellets, shavings, newspaper, training pads.

We bought her a pet loo and she does use it but she also goes all over the floor. Her crate is on one side of the laundry and the pet loo is on the other (its not a massive room).
She will even pee & poo just outside or onto her crate.

Every morning the floor is flooded and she has pooed only once or twice in her pet loo but at least another half dozen times on the floor

She won't use the pet loo at all unless she is confined to the laundry, if we allow her in to the rest of the house we have lock her back into the laundry or send her outside at least every 30min.

She never poops in the same spot outside either.
She has run of the backyard during the day.

I have noticed that she has a few white crystals on her vagina that appeared after a trip to the vets to get wormed and vaccinated but the vet said it was probably just a bit of dehydration as she was there for a few hours but they are still there two weeks later.
She drinks what seems to me to be a huge amount of water and pees a huge amount and often.

Please help I don't want to make her an outside piggy but our house has began to smell so badly even though I thoroughly clean and spray the laundry with specialised pet urine removers.

Tonight she even peed on her favourite spot where she likes to lie in front of the heater.

It is very common for a female to get a bladder infection after being Spayed.
You will need to have your Vet check her to make sure.  
I recommend that you purchase a metal dog exercise pen. You need to adjust it to the smallest size you can and after she has been treated for her infection (if that is what it is)keep her in it with more than one litter box so she doesn't have much room at all except for her blankets and food dishes. I have had as many as 3 litter boxes in a pen before they get the idea.  As she starts using the litter boxes you can gradually take the extra boxes away.
Don't give her run of the house at this point.
Give her very short times out and only with a litter box very close.
I recommend you purchase the Infinity Plus Training Harness/Leash.  this will will help you immensely with controlling her training.  It comes with a link to a video to show you how to use it.
Hope this helps,

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