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recently our five year old "Pigallini" has started drooling excessively..mostly when sleeping...bedding,home carpets etc are drenched..???this has been happening for about five days .She is eating well and nothing else is noticed.

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet.

Anytime there's a big change, there's a reason. At five years old, Pigallini is well past his teething stage.

He may have something lodged in his mouth. Pigs often collect stuff behind their rear most bottom teeth.

Try waiting until sleepy time, and start with a belly rub. Then, with a bit of sugar on your finger, try sticking your finger inside his mouth and feel around. If you can, dig out anything that doesn't seem to belong in there.

Age 5 is a bit young for oral cancer tumors, a more likely possibility is an infected tooth. Piggy may not show any pain or symptoms, because it goes against their nature. In the wild, pigs that act ill or injured are the ones predators attack, so piggies like to pretend all is well.

If you feel lumps or swelling in the gums, piggy will need to see a vet. Hopefully it will be something quickly cleared up with antibiotics. Untreated infections can move deep into the jaw and into the jaw bone. Oral cancers can be controlled if tumors are removed when they are spotted.

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