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I have a 2 year old male PBP.  We have recently just moved from a home with a smaller yard to a home on 12.5 acres and that I have fenced off 1/3 acre just for Snorty.  He loves being outside and I have moved him outside from living in the home part time, as he did at the old house.  He is acting out a little, which I believe is quite normal for the moving stress that he is going through.  My question is, I believe that he is terribly lonely and would love a companion.  Do I find another male or female for him (fixed of course)?  How would a mini  pig fare living with a full sized pig?  Snorty is not ordinarily an aggressive pig but with all of this "new" stuff, he has bitten 2 people, one of which was my husband.  I just think he needs a companion to share his life with and maybe reduce his stress level.  What do you think?

Available piglets
Available piglets  
Yes.....the move and change in lifestyle has probably caused some issues with your pig.
another pig would be a possibility.  
Usually if you get a young piglet they will get along just fine.  If you get an adult they will have challenges among
themselves and will have to prove who is boss.
I would suggest that you get a spayed female for his companion.
Check out royaldandie.com...they have new piglets and some teens available and ate quality miniature pigs.
Hope this helps,

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