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QUESTION: My name is remi wever and I am from aruba,I send you a mail a few days ago. maybe you hear
from it.i want to ask you a question.I have a small pig and
he is 4weeks old I bought him 2 weeks ago when he was 2 weeks.
he is very cute the first day he had to adjust with his new
home but the 2nd day he already drink from bottle and I begin
with babymilk and still giving him that and he like it.but
what i'm notice is that he's allways hungry and I think that's
normal.But in your opinion:Can I begin to give him fruit or vegetable in between or just keep gowing with the babymilk until he grow a little? He drink a lot of milk,is that ok?Can you give me some advice for my small piggy? greetings,remi

ANSWER: Milk is nutritious, but not very filling. Piggy will drink a lot. Fruits and veggies are a good idea. Eating fruits and veggies will make piggy feel full.

Start off with something soft and mashed. You can mix a little milk with it, too. Applesauce or smashed bananas are a good choice.

As piggy gets older you can offer  bits or chunks of food. At first, piggy may just taste and spit the food out uneaten. That's Ok, it's how piggy learns. Offer the food again later. When piggy is about 9 weeks old, he will be ready to eat anything.

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QUESTION: Hi miss Morrison how are you today?i got your mail and I'm happy to know a little bit more.what I notice is that he like to pee but he like to do it in diferent place and I think he is getting familiar in his new home. He is very funny.I think he knows hen i'm home or where I am when i'm home and he runs at me.i tried to learn him something like playing the ball I bought for him I think he is not ready yet cause I throw the ball at him but he don't react at it.i think it's matter of time I hope. I will like to ask you another question.Do minipig like dogfood or can they eat it as a snack?or the best is some veggies and fruits?because I am little bit afraid to give him a little bit of chunk when he gets older.is rice ok also? I am studying him every day to learn more.what I know is when he is hungry he only wants to eat or drink his milk after that he don't mint very much if I cary him in my hand and cuddle him a little but not when he is hungry.have a nice day.greetings from aruba,

Pigs love to play, but they don't play the way a cat or dog does. Pigs like toys they can push or rip apart.

When he gets older, you can make a "busy ball" for him by punching holes in an empty plastic soda bottle, and fill it with popped popcorn. The holes should be big enough for the kernels to fall out as the bottle rolls.

Dog and cat food or treats are not good for pigs. They are high in salt and fat, and will make piggy poop smell bad. Veggies and fruits of all sorts are a better treat. Rice is ok, but not easy to use as a treat.

I recommend the yahoo group PigInfoAndChat. There's lots of piggy lovers there who enjoy talking about pigs, answering questions and sharing pig stories.

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