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i just got 2 pot belly pigs.. and made them a outside run.. and a place to get out  of the sun and i seen chubs laying  in sun did not think anything of it. and now he is all sunburnt.. and he dont want to be touched.. and he is always by me but stays away.. and he drops down on front leg.. then gets back up .. he is starting to grind teeth.. do you think its the sunburn doing all this. if so what can i put on him.. i tried sun burn spray but he runs..

Pig skin is very similar to human skin. Like humans, pigs can get sunburn. Sunburn is more easily seen on a white pig, but black pigs can burn just as badly as white pigs. You can use any soothing sunburn lotion on your pig. Pigs usually don't like cold lotion, so warm it up a bit by putting the bottle into a pan of hot water, so the lotion is closer to room temperature.

If there are raised welts or sores, or wounds oozing pink, then it's probably not sunburn, but Dippity Pig. Dippity Pig is an odd illness. It happens most often in spring, but it can happen at any time of the year. It happens most often in young pigs, but can occur in older pigs, too. Sometimes it's brought on by stress, but it usually happens without a stress factor.

The first sign is red welts or sores, they may weep and later ooze pink. It happens quickly, appearing in a matter of hours. It's very painful for the pig, the pig "dips" his rear trying to escape the pain, hence the term "Dippity Pig". You mention that your pig is dipping on a front leg, that is probably where the worst sore is.

Fortunately, Dippity disappears as fast as it comes. Most cases are gone or nearly so after 24 hours. Symptoms never last longer than 72 hours. There really isn't any treatment except to keep the pig calm and quiet as possible.  

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