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We recently got a 4 week old piglet and he has been waking up at least 2 times during the night we make sure to give him plenty of play time during the day to tire him out but he keeps waking up around 1am so we put him back to sleep. He will then sleep till about 4am and wake up again. He slept through the night the 2nd night we had him and that is the only night he has slept without waking. How can we get him to sleep through the night. Should we ignore his cries till he eventually understands?
Thank you!

Piglets, like most babies, rarely sleep through the night. On his second night with you he was simply completely exhausted.

Make sure he has a water dish and access to his litter box at night. Then ignore him during the hours you want him to sleep. In a couple of days, he'll be pretty quiet through the night.

He may start trying to wake you earlier and earlier every morning. The best way to deal with this is, right from the start, pick a wake-up time. Stick to it. Never feed or play with him before that time. Ignore his squeals until wake-up time. He will try to push the boundaries, but if you stick to that wake-up time, he will settle down and accept it.  

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