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Pot Bellied Pigs/bad habits/spaying


Hi there, I just want to first thank you for all the info that is available here, its a big help.
I have a couple questions that you may be able to help me with. The first is referring to my little girl disobeying me and getting into places that she is not allowed into and causing a big mess. Ive tried yelling at her and causing a big scene but she keeps going right back as soon as she can even if I try and barricade it. Do you have any tricks to try and teach a pig where they can and cant go? Theres also an issue with her nipping at people for apparently no reason and I cant seam to get this to stop either.
Lastly,, my girl is about 4 monthes old and I just wanted to make sure that its generally around 6 monthes when I should get her spayed. Is that correct or are there other factors to consider? Thanks a lot and take care

I highly recommend you try the Infinity Plus Training Harness/Leash and video link.  It helps solve many,many problems! You will find this leash atr

As far as the Spay....she can be spayed from 3 months on. i suggest the sooner the better.  You may also see some changes for the better after her spay.
Pigs also cut teeth several time in their younger years and this can also cause temporary  behavioral problems.
A small amount of aspirin (adjusted to their weight) can help with teething pain.
I hope this helps,

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