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I am having trouble determining how much food to feed our mini pig. He will be 5 weeks old next Tuesday. We started out the 1st week feeding him about 2 shot glasses of Goat Milk mixed with a little cream of wheat about 3-4 x a day and we have slowly added some slaw veggies into this mixture and a few blueberries. He seems to really like this so far. We are planning on starting him on Mazuri youth mini pig food and I am curious as to how much i should be feeding him and how often and when to start moving him to the Mazuri food. I dont want to underfeed him or overfeed him. So far he seems happy and is a very active piglet. We have had him for 2 weeks and he has put on almost a lb. Right now he is 3-3.2lbs. I read that they should be putting on around .5lbs a week which sounds like he is right on track if this is correct.

Actually....he should still be with his mother and siblings unless of course their was an issue and the mom can't nurse him.
Just the milk is fine.   You should put feed in a dish for him and he will free feed for a while and put some dry milk over the pellets.
As soon as he is eating pellets and drinking water.  You can cut back on the free feeding.
I would need to see a pictures of your piglet before I can say how much to feed as they are all very unique.

I strongly suggest that you feed the Infinity Plus Stater Chow and Vit/Min supplement.
this will ensure hat your piglet gets all of his nutritional  requirements without gaining unwanted weight.  Go to and then to thier product page.
Hope this helps,

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