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 A few months ago had to turn my three inside piggies into outside piggies due to the fact that they started eating holes in the drywall of my moms kitchen. I live on small farm, so I'm honestly not too concerned about the transition, I'm just a little bit upset that I don't get to spend as much time with them as I used to. Anyways, whenever they were inside they got three or four separate meals a day. Now that they're outside I can only get around to feeding them once a day, but I've also increased their feed (in fact, I've almost doubled it) but I've been reading that I need to start splitting their meals into two separate meals again, is this because they have such a high metabolism?

I'm also worried that they are used to getting one large meal now, and two smaller ones will not satisfy them. Is this something that I should be concerned about?

Pigs are creatures of habit, but they can easily adapt to most human schedules.

The real danger in a once-a-day feeding is ulcers due to the stomach being completely empty for hours, followed by being overly filled. Also, feeding them twice a day gives you the opportunity to spot problems earlier. For example if piggy skips breakfast and dinner, you'll be able to contact a vet the same day. If piggy only gets one meal a day, the earliest you'll be aware of the problem is the next day.

Feeding them twice a day doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. When you're making their dinner, measure out dry pellets for breakfast. Put the measured pellets in a plastic bag or container. In the morning, all you need to do is take the pellets out, feed them to the pigs, then toss the plastic bag, or stick it in your pocket to reuse at dinner time.

If there is a suitable spot, you could scatter the breakfast pellets on the ground, and let the piggies snurdle them up. No dished required.

Right now you're piggies may be used to feeling a little over full after a single meal, but rest assured they will be ok with getting two smaller meals, and will feel better in general with two meals a day.

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