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We bought my daughter a mini pig two days ago - the lady that sold him to us said he was ten days old - first question would that too young???

He did well the first night and yesterday except that his stool got progressively looser - today he has been lethargic, still with very loose stool.  The lady we bought him from told us to give him pepto bismol for the loose stool and that if he became lethargic to give him some pancake syrup.  We have tried all of this, but he doesn't seem to be getting much better.  She said that he is on a milk only diet for the next few weeks.  Does any of this sound correct?  Should we be doing something differently?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks!

Your piglet should have stayed with it's mother and siblings for at least 5 to 6 to six weeks.  After weaning He should have been eating piglet pellets for a couple of weeks before he was allowed to go to his new home!
If it is a possible you should take him back and make the breder put him back with his mother and siblings until he is older and weaned properly.
when he is weaned properly he will not have any eating problems.

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