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I have 2 piglets I brought from a breeder they are 4 and 5 month s old
And have not been tamed of familiar with people verry scared. I have tried everyting I have read form breeder al over the world  and a lot research  to tame them and have them in a smaller pen nou .but just dont want to calm down or want eny thing toe do with me  they eat out of my hand and try stroking them  and training them but then they run away  .I dont know wat to do my heart is breaking  they keep runnig in to the fence toe get out. Please help

Unsocialized piglets are skittish. Also, they have been taken from the only place they've ever known and thrust into a new place with new people, which makes them very nervous.

Go slow, let them set the pace. Give them a small pen in a quiet place away from chaos. Sit quietly on the floor, let them come to you and explore you. Speak softly to them. Always tell them what you are going to do before you do it, for example, say "Touch piggy tummy" then try to touch the tummy.

After a couple of times sitting with them, start feeding them by hand. All food comes from your hand or a dish in your hand, no food or treats on the floor. During each meal, keep trying to touch and stroke them. Tell them what you're going to do before you do it.

When they are comfortable being touched, start gently hugging them while they eat.

When they are comfortable being held, feed them and hold them while standing on your knees, then standing upright. When you get to this step, it might be easier to have two people, one working with each piglet. Or, lift one piglet at a time, but only feed the piglet being held (the other piglet will be unhappy).

I highly recommend the book Pot-Bellied Pig Behavior and Training by Priscilla Valentine, and the dvds There's a Pig in the House and Amazing Pig Tricks from Also, there's lots of good piggy info at and

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