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Hi, we have a two and a half year old pbp that has been potty trained since shortly after we got him. The problem is that all of a sudden Kai is urinating inside the house including while standing on his bed. We are completely at a lost with this since its so out of character. Can you please offer us any Ideas on what could be causing this? In a completely unrelated question can you offer us any insight on what we can do with him since he is very anti sociable. He goes after anyone that comes in the house and even went as far as biting our daughter's boyfriend. As you can imagine we don't want to expose our friends and family to this and so we have stopped having people over. We do have Priscilla's Valentines book that you often suggest but Kai still has a mind of his own even though we have tried to follow the books advice. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated,

It is very possible that Kai has a bladder infection.  That can cause different potty habits.  They can also form calcium crystals that form and can cause discomfort.
You will need to contact your Vet to get some antibiotic for him.  This will take a couple of weeks to go away after her starts treatment.
he could also be cutting teeth.  This will happen several times in their younger years.  I can cause aggression.
As far as the bladder infection...you might try changing his feeding program.  Infinity Plus at Royal Dandie has an excellent feed and supplement that helps to keep the acidity down.  It is very well balanced.
You might also want to try their training Harness/Leash.  It is easily put on your pig and can take care of all kinds of problems.
Hope this helps,

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