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Hi there, in the last couple of days Ive noticed a weird change in my little girls urination habits. Up until 3 days ago, she has been perfectly litter trained with very little issues however for some reason she just started peeing all over the floor as soon as she gets a drink and she seams to be avoiding her litter box. she still goes poops in it so Im confused as to why this is. She is about 4 monthes and I am planning on getting her spayed very soon, Is there a chance this sudden urination problem comes from her getting her period?
Also up until recently, my pig has been drinking water out of a bottle attached to her cage but I was starting to worry that this may make her teeth crooked so Ive switched over to a large bowl with a water jug attached so she wont run out of water. For some strange reason any time she drinks out of this new watering tool or any bowl for that matter she seams to pee almost immediately as if she has no control although  Ive been aware of the bowl/immediate peeing problem for a while now so up until recently this wasn't a problem as long as her litter box was close but now it doesn't seam to matter. Any ideas? Thanks alot

Often, a piggy behavior problem is really just a symptom of several other issues. I think that is the case here.

Piggy is certainly old enough to have her first heat. Piggies often "forget" their potty training when they are in heat.

Is piggy pooping in her litterbox, or avoiding it altogether? If piggy is refusing to use the box at all, it may be a new issue with the box. She may have slipped in it. Or, the box or entrance to the box may now be too small for her taste. Or, something unpleasant may have happened to her in the box, you might not be aware of it.

Pigs exhibit an unusual behavior when they are dehydrated. They hold their pee until they drink, and pee as they drink. You mentioned that the water dispenser has changed, that could be a clue to the behavior.

Piggy might have been getting just enough water before, but now piggy has plenty more than enough. So, piggy is drinking a lot more, and that sudden increase in water consumption is causing the peeing-while-drinking symptom.

I suggest putting a puppy pee mat under the water dish, and start a strict potty program. Take piggy to the potty first thing in the morning, before and after every meal, as soon as piggy wakes up from naps. Do not let piggy go longer than 90 minutes without going to the potty box. The goal is to keep piggy empty as possible.

Then, have her stop and take a drink after each potty break. Drop a grape or cheerio into her water dish to encourage her to have a sip or two. Hopefully, this routine will help her break the peeing-while-drinking habit. But, the problem may occur again from time to time, so do keep a pee mat under her water dish just in case.

Of course, make sure the potty box suits her. The usual litter, plenty of room for her to turn around, and a non-slip surface.

Enforcing the potty routine, encouraging her to drink after pottying, getting her spayed and addressing any potty box issues should fix the problem.

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