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Pot Bellied Pigs/Pig refuses to use the litter box.


We have a 2-month old Juliana pig that's been with us for the past week. The breeder we bought him from supposedly litter trained him but we CANNOT get him to go in his litter box. He seems to go ANYWHERE. We've set out potty pads, we've put some of his waste in his litter box, we've confined him to the bathroom but NOTHING we do seems to work. He will go RIGHT NEXT TO the litter box.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Try putting him in even a smaller area and add more litter boxes.   Try pine pellets...not cat litter.  Keep giving him less and less area to be in with his litter boxes until he starts using it.
I will send along a picture of my in house setup.
this is actually too much space for him as the one in the picture i am sending is already house broken.
Add as many litter boxes as you need to until he is using them.  You can then take one litter box away at a time until he is just using one.
How old is he?  What is he eating?
Let me know....sometimes little things can make a huge difference.
Email me at and I will send along the picture.

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