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Pot Bellied Pigs/10 month old pot belly pig hurt neck


my pig was running outside and stopped at the fence where my dogs are and looked like she whipped her neck to the side to bark at the dogs now she is walking around with her neck/face leaning to the right off center with her body we brought her in and had her relax by brushing her so about 30 minutes went by we got her up and it seemed like she was back to center but now shes leaning to the right again i think maybe she just strained her neck but i really dont know if its something worse like a dislocation. it looks like someone has taken her neck and tilted it shes doing everything normal when walking around but when lying down if you pet her around the neck shell give a bark and get a little restless

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet.

I believe this is just a sprain or strain, because she's able to move normally. I'm sure it must be quite sore, and that's probably why she doesn't want it messed with.

The treatment for injuries is RICE, Rest Ice Compression Elevation. There isn't a way to elevate this injury. But, piggy can get extra rest. She may or may not allow you to put a cool cloth on it.

She should be much better by tomorrow. If she does not improve, or gets worse, she'll need to see a vet. There's a list of veterinarians who see pot-bellied pigs at

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