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I have a two year old potty trained pot belly pig. I watched her yesterday as it looked like she was trying to potty on the rug. Nothing came out and she smelled the area. I let her outside and about thirty minutes later she came in and went to the bathroom in the same spot. This morning she went again near the same spot. Later this afternoon she went to the bathroom on the living room rug. We do have a dog and they are never left alone due to her quick irritation with him. There hasn't been any other animals around. She has been a bit more aggressive the last week, but there has been no environment change or disruption I am aware of. How do I stop her and identify what's going on?

When an adult pig suddenly changes potty habits, and there is no change in the environment, it could signal a health problem. Straining to poop or pee with nothing coming out is also a worrisome health sign. If she is not pooping or peeing, she needs to see a veterinarian right away.

Start by cleaning that spot thoroughly with any quality product designed to remove pet urine odors. Then keep her away from the spot so she isn't tempted to use it again. If possible, fence it off with a baby gate or put a large piece of furniture on it. If it's in a passageway, don't let her linger there.

Watch her carefully. If she is peeing and pooping but you still see her straining with nothing coming out, she'll need to see a veterinarian.

I am assuming that your piggy is spayed. If not, she may be in heat. Heat symptoms get worse and worse as piggy gets older. She is not too old to be spayed, it will make her a happier, healthier pig.

There is a list of veterinarians who see pet pigs at

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