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QUESTION: Our 1 1/2 year old Mini pot bellied pig has only 1 main toe on each foot instead of 2. I haven't been able to find information or pictures with one toed pigs. Are his feet abnormal, and will it cause him pain or problems? It looks like his balance is a little off. He weighs maybe 120 pounds and I don't want him to have feet problems when he has so much weight to carry. Would really appreciate your help.

ANSWER: please send me a picture of his hoofs.

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peties back hoof
peties back hoof  

peties foot
peties foot  
QUESTION: one pic. shows his pad on the front foot, the other is his back foot hoof. all 4 are the same. is it a birth defect? why didn't the vet notice it when we had petey in for a check up a year ago? I'm just worried about the weight on his feet causing problems. we have to trim his hooves, but they are totally different than the videos show.

There is a pig called a mulefoot pig.
Your pigs feet are very different and look to be deformed.
I have never seen anything like them in my 30 years of breeding.
You can find pictures on line of the mule foot pigs feet but from the pictures you sent along they don't look like them either.
I really can't answer your questions.....sorry.

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