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Bath time!
Bath time!  
Annabell is about 40 lbs (maybe 50) and she's 1 year old. I was reading through questions and answers, and some of them made me concerned that she may have the piggy mites. She does itch and rub but not excessively, but in her mohawk region she gets dark, flaky skin. It isn't orange, but it does look like dirt that cakes up and flakes off. She isn't an outdoor piggy or anything and she has not yet blown her coat for the first time. Can I go ahead and treat her for mites with the Ivomec (She is going to her vet in a couple weeks for hoof trims and spay because I finally found a vet within a couple hours to me that uses the Isoflourine anesthetic YAY). Should I just wait and if not, can I get that Ivomec at a tractor supply or petsmart?

Thanks so much! I am definitely bookmarking this place!

There is no rush. Pigs naturally have dry, flakey skin. One reason piglets are so appealing is because they have thin, soft skin.

If piggy has not blown her coat yet, the tiny flakes may mean she's getting ready to start shedding bristles.

Mange leaves an orange or rust colored "dirt" on pigs, usually behind the elbows and between the rear legs. If you don't see any orange there, she probably does not have mange.

Swine mange mites can not live very long once they've jumped off a pig. Pigs who spend their lives in homes with people and isolated from other pigs may not contract mange at all. Outdoor pigs tend to get mange more often.

I don't think Petsmart carries Ivomec. Tractor Supply does carry some form, but you'll have to contact your local store to find out exactly what they have, oral, injectable, etc.

Valley Vet at and Jeffers at (look in equine) both carry Ivomec

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