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Pot Bellied Pigs/Swollen front inside toe


Hi Helen, My 2 yr old potbelly has been limping for awhile. Our vet gave us some pain meds, says it may go away. I just noticed her front left inner toe is swollen, fat and round and hot when I touch it. The outside looks fine, no bites or cuts. Could it be a joint or weight issue? She's been eating lots of grass, and is getting chubby fast. Thank you Helen.

The heat and swelling could be due to early onset arthritis, or they could be due to an injury. Piggy may have slipped, with one toe going the wrong way. Or, it may have gotten stuck in something.

The rule for treating injuries is RICE, rest, ice, compression, elevation. It might be hard to elevate her foot, but she might allow cold compresses.

I suggest contacting your vet about this. If the limping has persisted for a while, and now there's swelling, this may not go away on it's own. Your vet may want to see her foot.

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