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QUESTION: Hi, I appreciate your website and all the questions and answers you provide!  I have an 8 week old juliana mini pig.  I got him when he was 4 weeks old he weighed about 4 or 5 lbs.  I have
been feeding him 1/4 cup of masuri mini pig food and about 1/4 cup of goat milk 3 times per day.  I just started feeding 2 times per day and am giving him 1/2 cup of masuri and a small amount of goat milk 2 times per day now.  Low cal treats in between.  I just weighed him and he is 14 lbs.  I'm concerned that I'm
feeding him too much.  What would you suggest for a feeding amount?  I read on another website that he should be getting a total of 1/2 cup of feed per 25lbs per day.  If that is right I am overfeeding him.  I am terrified of feeding him too much or too little. Please tell me what you think. Will your reply come as an email or posted on your website?
Thank you so much for your help.

ANSWER: I would need to see pictures of your piglet before I can recommend feeding instructions.
Please send several pictures of him next to a pop can.

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Elvis Pigsley 1
Elvis Pigsley 1  

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Elvis Pigsley 2  
Thanks so much for the reply!!  I have attached 2 pictures of him.

3 year old boar Dandie Extreme
3 year old boar Dandie  
Thank you for the pictures!
You piglet is two months old and his weight looks perfect for his size.
He is large for his age.  He is almost as large as my yearlings.
I don't know what the breeders told you but he will probably mature to well over 50 lbs.
Feed needs to be adjusted as they grow.  He looks fine now.  He is not over weight for his frame and not too thin either.
If you want to make sure all of his nutritional needs are taken care of please go to the website and check out the feed and Vit/Mins on their product page.  This is the very best feed for Miniature pet pigs.
Hope this helps,

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