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Hi, Helen! I recently adopted a miniature juliana male piglet. He is  six months old. We have had him about a week and he has finally warmed up to us and will let us walk up to him and pet him. Since he is now used to us, we decided to try letting him out of his "safe room" into a larger room so he could start roaming the house with us. However, every time we let him into the larger room, he gets scared again puts off this AWFUL odor. It fills the room and gets stuck in our clothes. He does not release any liquid, but the smell is unbearable. We have not gotten him nuetered yet because we want him to be use to us before we put him through that stress, but we also do not want to keep him locked up in his room for much longer. Will this odor problem stop when he is neutered? Or will it be a problem since he is getting neutered when he is already six months old? Your help is greatly appreciated!

Male pigs have a gland called the preputial diverticulum located in the middle of their belly. It's job is to collect all sorts of body fluids, like seamen and urine, to secrete an odor that female pigs adore, but most people dislike.

This gland is controlled by hormones. When piggy is neutered, his hormone levels will drop, and this gland will gradually decrease in size. The odor will lessen, and he will express the odor less often. It will take a full month for all the active sperm and excessive testosterone to leave his system.

Neutering is surgery, and it's best done in a vets office under anesthesia. When done this way pigs heal quickly.  

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