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Hi,I have a 2 year old female mini pig that lives indoors but spends a few hours outdoors everyday. She has an acre to freely roam in her outdoor hours. Yesterday shortly after she came in she started drooling excessively. When I say excessivly, I mean like puddles of clear fluid dripping from her mouth. She also seemed a little agitated, pulling and ripping her at her blankets. I laid down with her and covered her up with blankets and she finally settled down and went to sleep. She slept all night and didn't drool hardly any throughout the night, but when she woke up this morning she started drooling again. She seems fine all but the drooling. Is this something to worry about? She does have an appointment with the vet in two days when the vet will be back in town. I don't know if I should try to find an emergency vet for her? Thank you for your help!!!!

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis or prescribe treatment over the internet.

The danger signs are refusing to drink or eat, straining to poop or pee, high fever or lethargy. As long as she is not exhibiting these symptoms, it's probably (no guarantees) safe to wait.

I suspect piggy may have eaten something harsh, like stinging nettle. Normally, pigs do not eat dangerous plants. But, they will eat things like stinging nettle or rose thorns. Stinging nettle is sort of like a very hot pepper, except more stinging and less hot.

Piggy may have a piece of whatever still stuck in the mouth. Put a little sugar on your finger, wait until nap time, then try to get your finger in that mouth to feel around, and clean it out.  

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