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Hi there, so glad to have found this site!  I have a potbelly pig named Mooshu.  The lady I bought him from assured me he would not grow over 50 lbs. but I'm having my doubts.  Anyways, I have not been able to afford getting him neutered yet and wondered if there's ever a time that it's "too late?"

He loves all of our family so much and really loves my lab, Jango.  The biggest problem is that he constantly roots against us and he smells awful and makes my dog smell horrible.  His frothy mouth seems to leave a bad odor on her fur.  Ugh.  I am hoping this will all get better once he's neutered?  Please say it will because I love him and don't want to get rid of him.  My husband is at his wits end.

Also, the vet says he must have a rabies shot before the surgery can happen but I keep reading that they are resistant to the disease and that there are no vaccines approved for them.

Any help/encouragement is MUCH appreciated!!

Christina and Mooshu :)

It is never too late to neuter a pot-bellied pig. All neuters should be done in a vets office under anesthesia. There are anatomical differences between farm hogs and pot-bellied pigs, so make sure your vet knows this.

Yes the smell will disappear after he is neutered, and the foaming will diminish. All pigs foam from time to time for various reasons, but intact boars foam constantly.

The odor comes from a pouch called the preputial diverticulum. It's job is to collect body fluids, like urine, seamen and sweat, and excrete a smell that female pigs love! Most people, however, don't care for it.

The hormones will begin to leave his system immediately after neutering, but the difference might not be noticeable until a couple of weeks later. He may be fertile for up to a month after the neuter. By then, the worst of the boar odor and urge to hump will be gone.

Pigs are mammals and as such are able to catch rabies, but it's very rare in pigs. It's so rare in commercial swine that a vaccine was never developed for it. So, in situations where a rabies vaccine may be needed, most vets use dog vaccines. I am not aware of any bad reactions from giving the dog rabies vaccine to a pig.

Most pigs don't need routine rabies vaccinations, but if you live in an area where rabies is prevalent, or your vet or community requires it, a vaccine will not hurt.

There is a list of vets that see pet pigs at www.farec.org

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