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I have a 3 months old pot bellied pig female that I adopted at the age of 8 weeks.
We have done a lot of research on them before purchasing her.
She was fine in every way until 2 days ago, I took her out for our night time outing with my dog and she jumped up on the dog and nipped the air.
Then yesterday she started to do that to my husband and myself, she jumps up on our leg and nips at the air.
I know that she is teething, I have provided her with a dog nylon bone to chew on, she spends a lot of time outside in the yard, rooting and running and having fun.
She is fed 2 cups of Purina mini pig chow everyday, along with a few leafs of lettuce, few bites of apples and some pumpkin to keep her bowel regular.
She also gets a multivitamin for children everyday.
I didn't know what the jumping up meant, so I would tell her no, stomp my feet, push her shoulders and nothing would stop her other than walking away from her.
Today, I decided that since she doesn't like to be picked up, that is what I would do when she jumps.
I knelt down on the ground and when she jumped, I picked her up gently and put her on my lap, she loved it so much she fell asleep there.
It is fine to pick her up now she is only 17 pounds but I would like to know what else to do in order to stop that , or is it just due to the fact that she is uncomfortable/in pain from teething?

Thank you so much in advance for your help and my little Peanut, that is her name thanks you too.

Mini pigs become fertile at very young ages. Males can be fertile at just 8 weeks. Females may come into heat as early as 4 months old. Your piglet is only 3 months, but she may be coming into her first "pre-heat".

If this is the case, the behavior will disappear in a day or two and she will be back to normal for about 3 weeks. Then they symptoms will return. Usually, it gets worse and worse. Pigs in heat may forget their potty training, mercilessly harass another pet, or become escape artists and go looking for love.

Harness and trick training is an excellent way to keep piggy behavior under control. But, if she's in heat, she may not be able to control herself because the hormones are in charge.

When she's ready to be spayed, there's a list of vets who see pet pigs on  Some vets do not like to spay when a pig is in heat, so keep this in mind when scheduling her appointment.

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