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I have a week old pot bellied micro pig and she likes to bite I need to know how to make her stop

Your baby is very young to be away from Momma pig. Mommas usually wean their babies at about 8 weeks.

She will need to root, it is instinctive behavior. Let her root and nose in a stuffed toy or pillow.

When she bites, gently push her face to one side and say "Knock it off!" in a firm voice. The word "no" can be confusing because we use it so often in ordinary conversation. But we seldom use the phrase "Knock it off!" unless that's what we want to happen.

She may be a little "pig-headed" at first, and try again. This time, push her enough to make her take a step back. Pigs in a herd show leadership by making other pigs move. When you make her take a step, you are telling her in pig language that you are in charge.

The key is consistency. Pigs get confused when they are allowed to do something once, but not a second or third time. So every time piggy bites, piggy must be told to Knock it off.

I highly recommend the book Pot-Bellied Pig Behavior and Training by Priscilla Valentine. I also recommend the dvds "Theres a Pig in the House" and "Amazing Pig Tricks" from

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