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I just bought a baby potbelly pig.  She is about 9 weeks old. She shakes constantly.  I just treated her for mange and she seems constipated and have been giving her mineral oil.  I am just worried because she shakes alot, even while sleeping.  I do take her outside, but it is warm inside and I feel that she should not shake so bad. Do you have any idea what may be making her shake so much?

Your baby has just been taken from everything she's ever known and suddenly thrown into a new place with new people. It's a scary experience! But, she should not be constantly shaking.

First, try to keep her a little warmer. Breeders often misrepresent the age of piglets, your baby may be younger than 9 weeks and need a warmer environment. Young baby piglets need temperatures in the 90 f range. You can give piggy a heating pad, but pigs can nose and chew and damage electric blankets.

Canned pumpkin is the best home remedy for constipation. If piggy has not been eating well, piggy will not poop well.

If getting piggy warm doesn't help the shaking, piggy may need to see a veterinarian. There is an illness called "Shaky Pig" that is related to malnutrition. There is a list of vets who see pet pigs at  

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