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Here is a picture of him.

When I adopted him this is the feed that the previous owner was feeding him


I have been continuing to feed it to him. I have been doing a half cup in the morning and half cup at night with bread and cheerios in between. is this too much or too little? I believe the previous owner was over feeding him. He was filling a 3 liter tray with the food and allowing him to eat it all day.

Feeding pigs is more art than science. The rule of thumb is a minimum of 1/2 cup per 15 lb of piglet, but many people feed younger piglets more than that. It is not unusual for people to free feed piglets up to about four or five months old.

Active pigs and outdoor pigs generally need more food than inactive or indoor pigs.

Sweet feed isn't a good choice because it contains a lot of sugar, often in the form of molasses. Mini pig pellets are the best choice. If they are not available and the store above is your only source, I suggest the Stock and Stable Horse Feed (http://www.agrisupply.com/stock-and-stable-horse-and-livestock-feed/p/73095/&sid) is a better choice.

When you switch his food, do it gradually, You might have to increase his rations just a bit when he's eating the new food, because he will be eating more fiber and less sugar. Be sure to gradually increase his rations as he grows, too.

Right now he looks really good. I don't see any bones, and he does not have a big jowl or belly.  

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