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I have a 6 month old male pot belly and have questions regarding how much to feed. I've been to different sites and each one tells me something different. One site said give a half cup of pellets per 25 pounds and split into to meals. Well, my pig is 27 pounds. 1/4 cup in the morning and then 1/4 cup in the evening doesn't sound right, is it? Another site said just let pigs under a year eat all they want. This doesn't sound right either as I believe if I let my pig eat all they want, he wouldnt stop! There's got to be somewhere in the middle.

He goes outside every now and then (the weather has been cold, rainy, and over all unpleasant so he's spent the majority of time indoors) so it's not as if he is outside running the food off with a bunch of exercise at the moment. Between his 2 meals he also gets bread, cheerios, and other small treats as well.

In your opinion, is 27 pounds below or above the average weight for a 6-7 month old?

How much you fee your pig has several factors.
I would first need to know what kind of feed you are feeding him and ingredients.  All feeds are different as are needs of each unique piglet.
Also....I would need to see a pictures of your pig.
Get back to me and I will let you know what and how much to feed him.

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