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QUESTION: We have a 8 week old mini pig. This is the 4th day having him and he is warming up to us. We bought him and he isn't neutered yet. I've noticed if I talk to him he gets excited and his penis comes out:( Will this stop when I neuter him?

ANSWER: Yes, this will stop when he is neutered. Because he's young, if he's neutered soon, the hormones will not have a chance to build up, and his "boar behavior" should vanish fairly quickly.

His penis may make an occasional appearance for a while, when he's getting a belly rub or such. In older, neutered adult pigs, a penis appearance could indicate a urinary problem.

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QUESTION: Last question,  does he look like hes 8 weeks old? I had a breeder tell me he has to be 4-5 months old. That an 8 week old male wont have sexual tendencys until then. Im pretty sure thats what he is doing. When he gets excited he tries to jump on me with his mouth open. Then he walks around hunched over with his penis out. Maybe I should of purchased a female.

Male piglets are sexually mature and able to father children at just 12 weeks or 3 months old. Your baby looks to be about 8 - 12 weeks. He is old enough to be neutered.

There's a list of veterinarians who see pet pigs at www.farec.org

Intact female pigs have monthly "piggy PMS". They may become "attached" to a person or other pet, or they might become aggressive or escape and roam. They often have potty accidents at that time of the month.

In short, fixed pigs make much better pets than intact pigs, male or female.

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