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I have a male, neutered, 7 month old pot belly. I wanted to get him a playmate and read that pigs and cats get along. 4 days ago I adopted a 9 month old male, neutered cat to give him a friend. Sometimes they both lay on the sofa or bed with me (away from each other) while I watch TV. There is no issue. Then the cat approaches the pig closely to examine and explore, but when the cat gets to close the pig barks and snaps at the cat loudly to scare it away. Is this normal when first introducing a pig to a new animal? Will the pig eventually realize the cat is not a threat and become friendly with him? Is there anything else that I can do to help the pig get along with the cat better?

This is totally normal. Piggy isn't quite sure what kitty is going to do. He also has to make sure that Kitty knows that piggy is "higher" on the social ladder than Kitty. Kitty isn't quite sure what piggy is. One of the reasons that pigs and cats get along really well is that both are cautious about making new friends.  

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