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our little man:)
our little man:)  
Hi, I have asked questions before on this website, but never from you. I have been reading alot of questions that were previously asked and answered by you, and I would like to get your advice and input. I have brought what I was told was a four month old micro mini pig. I'm not sure how much he really weighs, I would say he weighs 10 pounds at the most. He is very loved, and I am very happy we have brought him. There are a few problems we are having. He whines, and makes noise constantly. Even when he's sleeping he makes noise. It's not to bad, except at times he gets very loud  and it's like screeching noises. Especially when he wants food, and whenever we are eating he will try to get our food, and does not stop for awhile. Could it be we are not feeding him enough? It seems he always wants food. We give him 1 cup of mauzri pig food, split into two meals. also, we give him snacks and milk throughout the day. We are calling a vet tomorrow to get him an appointment to be neutered, and checked. I'm going to attach a picture and was wondering if you could tell me if he looks a healthy weight. Also, if you can give me any advice on raising a pig. I want to do everything right for and by him. Thank you.

Many times this behavior is caused from a nutritional unbalance.  As these little guys mature and grow the needs will change constantly.
I would suggest that you try switching his feeding program.  In my opinion the best feed out there is the infinity Plus Line.  It can be found at royaldandie.com on their product page.
It is backed by 30 years of experience by a breeder who actually raises tiny pigs herself.  Trial and error testing over a long period of time (30 years) has given infinity plus Pig Chows a proven edge over other brands.  What makes this the superior brand is that it can be adjusted to each individual piglet and adult mini pig depending on their needs.  
The Infinity Plus Multi Vit/Min supplement can be adjusted according to the age, weight, exercise and outdoor exposure.
Snacks are fine but they need to be confined to once or twice a day. If snacks are afford all day long they encourage the piglet to constantly beg for them during the day.

After trying the feed for a couple of weeks I think you will find a very positive difference in your piglet.
Hope this helps,

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