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I have read many sites and so far all I have learned is not to OVER FEED...but have no idea what that pig is 1.6 #2 at 2mos old.  She is eating 1 TB of mazuri twice a day at 7-8 am and 7-8 pm and I am giving her NatureAll milk diluted by half before bed around midnight.  I give her a tsp of yogurt and a tsp of applesauce in the evening.  She gets a fruit or veggie snack twice a day or for rewards.

My question is how much it too much or enough? You say measure the fruits/veggies out in the am and feed thru the day but what is that measure?  Is it a % like mazuri food which for her now is 1.5 to 3% of her weight.  I am sure the measure is different for veggies than for fruits.  

Please tell me where to find more detailed information about feeding my pig.

Thanks, Alta

Feeding pigs is more art than science. Over feeding leads to obesity, under feeding leads to malnutrition and early death.

The most important thing is How does your pig look and act? A pig should not have any hip or rib bones visible, but should not look like a stuffed sausage, either. A young piglet should be active, alert, interested in their surroundings, with clear eyes and healthy skin. Lethargy, dull eyes, bad skin, and lack of interest are all signs of starvation, malnutrition, or serious illness.

The general rule of thumb is a good starting point, but it's just that, a starting point. Active piglets will need more. The rule is 1/2 c per 15 lb of piglet, plus veggies, fruits and training treats.

Some veggies, like head lettuce and cucumbers, are so low in calories that pigs can eat quite a lot with no worries. On the other hand, sugary fruits are higher in calories, so those should be limited or even better used as training treats.

Some good sources of piggy care info are and  The Yahoo group PigInfoAndChat has pig care info in the Files section, and the group has lots of friendly people who love to talk about pigs and are happy to share experiences. On Facebook, look for the groups Mini Pig Education and Pet Pig Advice Network

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