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Hi, I have recently asked this question but was told another expert couldn't answer my question so I am really hoping you can. My little guy tends to shake before and while he's sleeping, and I don't understand why he is doing this. It is not something that happens every time, but was wondering if this is something to be concerned about? He eats very well, and is active around the house, and seems to be perfectly healthy. Do you know why he does this? We have an appointment at the vet, but I would like some kinda input before then. Also, he is constantly nudging me with his nose. Anywhere he can, he will. My arm, hand, back, ect. Is this natural? When I try to make him stop by pushing him lightly and telling him no, he does not listen. And will continue to do it, until finally laying down on or next to me. If you could answer and help me I would very much appreciate it.

Pigs like to be warm when they sleep and babies need a lot of warmth, so I would try covering piggy with a blanket or comforter for sleepy time.

The nosing is a natural nursing behavior, it stimulates the mothers body to produce milk. This is what piglets do while they eat. He can't do this with his food dish, so he does it to you, because he's hard wired to do it! He will outgrow it. Most pigs stop when they are naturally weaned at around 8 weeks. Piglets that are weaned earlier may continue to do it for up to 3 months, and stop completely by 6 months.

In the meantime, when he tries to do this, redirect him to a stuffed toy or pillow.

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