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Hi Helen,

  I have another question regarding my micro pig. He is only four months old, going on five months very soon, and I've noticed he has new teeth coming in but there are two little teeth that are brown and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this. His other teeth aren't brown. Also, I'm looking to make my pig a pen outside that he can play in for sometime during the day, but was wondering two things. How should I build it if you would know? & it is getting cold out and he has never experienced coldness before, should I wait until it is warmer again? Thank you so much for your time. Appreciate all the help you can give.

It's natural for pig teeth to have brown or black streaks. At 4 months, the new teeth are temporary teeth, he will loose them in about a year or so anyway.

You can use any sort of secure fencing. Some popular options are hog panels and posts, pre-built runs or kennels for dogs, chain link fencing, or reinforced deer net fencing. No matter what you choose, it's important to make sure piggy can't dig out underneath. When installing the fencing, dig a trench down about 6 - 12 inches along the bottom of the fence. Put a piece of chicken wire or wire mesh from the bottom of the fence to the bottom of the trench, and curl it up slightly towards the inside of the pen. Fill the trench back in, and this should keep piggy from digging under.

The fence should be at least waist high to keep piggy from climbing out. A fence this low won't stop a stray dog from jumping in, tho. For extra protection a 6 ft plastic deer fence wrapped along the main fence will keep almost anything out.

Piggy needs a shelter, something as simple as a plastic dog igloo is fine. Position it so the floor stays dry and stuff it with straw.

It's ok to take piggy outside for a short while on warm days. A sweater will keep piggy warm on cooler days.  

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