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The other day I purchased a mini pot belly pig for a pet. I saw her mom and her mom was
Very big but the owner told me she was extremely obese. I'm wondering
How big will my pig get even if I keep her on a strict diet and exercise her regularly?
Also, what can I feed her that will keep her from becoming over weight?

Your pig will grow as big as her DNA and genetics tell her to, or she will starve to death along the way. It is not possible to stunt a pigs growth by starvation.

Pigs love food and have voracious appetites. Many pet pigs struggle with obesity due to excessive treats and goodies and lack of exercise.

There is a difference between a pig that's naturally tall and long and an obese pig. Even very small height-wise pigs can become obese.

The best diet is a name brand pet or mini pig food with extra veggies and fruits, grazing time and training treats. Make sure every treat is earned by a good behavior or performing a trick or task. Start by following the feed manufacturer's suggestion on the package. Many pigs like their pellets soaked with warm water to make a paste or mush.

The key is how piggy looks. As long as piggy looks and acts healthy, with clear eyes, no ribs or hip bones protruding, he's probably getting enough. If he looks like he's swallowed a basketball, or has big jowls, or just plain looks "chubby", he probably is. Either cut back on excess treats a bit, or increase piggy's activity level.

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