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Mu pig
Mu pig  
Hello. My family and I have just purchased our newest addition. Mu, the Juliana pig. The breeder I bought him from also sold us the food. I got the food and pig home and opened the bag to see that the food was a mix. It was only about 1/4 pig pellets. The rest was cracked corn. Which, from my understanding, doesn't have much nutritional value at all. Also, she says I should feed him 1/4 cup of his food twice daily. That sounded fine, but when I asked her when I should increase his serving size, she said never. I feel like that would ultimately starv my little guy. I want to have a healthy pig. I was wondering if you had some input or advice on my situation.

Corn is actually quite nutritious, but it's also high in sugar and plain, raw cracked corn is both hard to eat and hard to digest. In short, it's just not a good choice for pigs.

You are correct as piggy grows he will need more food. Sadly, many breeders are interested only in selling a piglet, and don't care what happens after that.

Any name brand of mini pig food is fine, Mazuri, Mana Pro and Champion are some national brands. Supplement the pellets with veggies, fruits, and outside grazing time.

Feeding pigs is more art than science. Start with the recommendations on the feed package, (usually 1/2 cup per 15 lb of piglet, no less than 1/2 cup per day) and adjust from there. If piggy looks really thin and acts really hungry (whiny or sleepy, then insane near food), piggy will need more. If piggy starts to look like he's swallowed a basket ball, it's time to cut back a bit. Most young, healthy piglets need a bit more because they are so active.  

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