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Pot Bellied Pigs/Micro Pig looks like she's in pain and keeps sitting down



Penny is almost 5 months old and we feed her 1/4 cup in the morning and another at night with a salad and she gets training treats throughout the day.

She likes cuddling with us at night and yesterday I tried tried to move her from my lap, she started squealing.  She is moving slowly and is sitting down almost like trying to stretch out a area of her body that is painful. Her back legs go down and she starts squealing again.  She is eating, peeing and pooping normally and can walk fine without any limps but looks like she maybe has a tummy ache.

I though perhaps it was from when she jumped off of our bed yesterday as it is about 3-4 feet high but she still gets up on the couch and down by herself. She almost looks like she wants to rub her bum on the ground but not targeting her bum but more her rear end.  Any ideas?

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet.

I think she may have Dippity Pig. Dippity is a strange and painful skin problem, fortunately, it goes away very quickly. It can start with "dipping", where the pig cries in pain and drops her butt to the ground. Or it can start with raised welts that can quickly turn into open, oozing sores.

There is no established treatment for Dippity other than rest. Some people give their pigs Benadryl or baby aspirin, but these seem to have little effect. Dippity lasts only 24 - 48 hours, with or without treatment.

If she continues to act as if she is in pain but welts do not appear, she may have injured herself. Pigs are not as flexible as dogs and cats. Jumping on and off furniture can cause all sorts of injuries, so make sure piggy has a soft landing spot or even better, use furniture steps designed for dogs so piggy can climb up and down safely.

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