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I just purchased a mini juliana pig.  He is 6 months old and weighs about 4 lbs.  He was really scared when he first arrived and wouldnt eat.  After almost a week of trying different things, he finally scarfing down canned green beans (no salt added) per his breeder.  He wont however eat his Mazuri Mini Pig food that the breeder said he was eating with her.  From other posts I ready trying to get goat milk and warm it and mix it with the chow until it is disloved.  I tried that last night, but he only licked it twice and then refused to eat it.  I want to make sure he is getting is proper nuturition, but not sure what to do!  Any ideas?

At least he is eating something, green beans are healthy food. So, start by mixing the green beans with a few pellets, let them dissolve into the green beans. Also try other foods with a similar texture, like cooked carrots.

Goat milk is an excellent source of nutrition, but really not necessary for pigs over 3 months. That's the age when they are naturally weaned and naturally stop drinking milk.

He might be very upset over the transition from his former home to yours. In a few weeks, he may suddenly be interested in all sorts of foods.

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