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Hello, I am new to this site and was hoping I could get some insight on my pig.

Her name is sweet pea and she is 6 weeks old, I just brought her home yesterday and for the majority of her time her so far she has been in a laundry type room with her bed, blankets, litter box, food and water bowl. The only thing she does is walk around and grunt the whole time, she hasn't really ate anything, she wouldn't eat her food or any of the treats I've tried to give her. She has started jumping in my lap and laying down when I go sit in the floor with her but other then that she runs from me if I get close and just grunts. Is this normal since she is new? And will she get better and stop grunting so much? I just wanna mAke sure everything is okay and that this is normal.

Yes, this is normal because it's all very new to her. Take your time and let her come to you. Sit on the floor in her room and speak to her softly. Let her come up to you and sniff. Tell her what you're going to do before you do it, like "Touch piggy ear" then touch her ear (or try to!).

Some pigs are noisier than others. It all depends on the pig. Some are non-stop talkers, others are almost always silent. Right now, she's grunting because she's really excited and a little frightened.

It may take a day or two, but she'll quickly settle in. Young, healthy piglets are active and full of energy, so she sounds like she's doing good.

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