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Hello I am a new micro mini pig owner. And when I brought my new little boy the breeder told me to make sure I had his scent glands removed because he keeps putting off this scent that smells. I just had him fixed and now he is wanting to bite me all the time. I know that this is a behavior problem. But if you can tell me where the scent glands are located or if the do have them and are they suppose to be removed.
Thanks Connie

I believe your breeder is talking about the preputial diverticulum, which is a pouch located in the middle of the belly by the penis. It's job is to collect all sorts of body fluids, and produce a scent that female pigs absolutely adore! But, people often find it unpleasant.

Th pouch is controlled by hormones. As long as the boy stays intact, the pouch grows. When the boy is neutered, the hormones dissipate and the pouch shrinks over time. If the pig is badly frightened or stressed, and the pouch is still there, he might empty it. But if a boy is neutered young, by the time he is 5 or 6 the pouch will have shrunk almost completely away.

Before pigs became popular pets, people weren't really sure what kind of veterinary care pigs needed. Removing the preputial diverticulum is extensive surgery that is rarely done anymore, unless there is a medical reason to do so. Occasionally, this pouch may get a bit of dirt or infection, this is easily fixed by washing with soapy water a couple of times a day.

It takes about 30 days after neutering for all the hormones to work their way out of piggy's system.

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