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I have a seven month old, female, mini pig. For the last three or four days she's been acting out, biting us, and constantly squealing and crying. She's eating and drinking normally. I've also noticed that her skin has gotten a little dry, and her vagina is bright red. I've looked online for someone with the same problem, but I haven't been able to. Please help, I think there's something wrong and I'm really worried. Thank you very much.

Your pig is in heat. It is probably her first heat. She will be back to normal in a couple of days. But, unless she is spayed, she'll continue to go into heat every three weeks or so. As you can see, she won't be happy about it. Many pigs forget their potty training when they are in heat.

The only solution is to get her spayed. This will spare her, and everyone else, the misery of her heats, and prevent any future diseases or tumors.  

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