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Hi there, I have a 2 year old Micro Mini Pig and she hadn't ever had a house training problem. I think she has only had two accidents in her whole life due to me not showing her to her litter box in new places.


She was eating dinner and just started peeing on her blankets. I'm a little concerned because I don't know why she did it. Maybe she was just not willing to go pee before finish eating? Maybe she drank too much?

Do you have any ideas why this happened?

I think you are right, she had to pee but didn't want to do it before eating, or stop eating to do it. Why she had to pee so badly is still unexplained.

She might have drank an extra lot, or skipped a trip to the bathroom. This could be the first sign of a urinary infection, if so, she'll need to see a vet. If she is not spayed, she might have done it because she is in heat, female pigs in heat can be unpredictable.

Make her go to potty before feeding her, and don't let her "fake" it. If there is no medical problem, this simple habit should be enough to keep it from happening again.

Any signs of a serious illness like fever, lethargy, loss of appetite or funny discharge means she should see a vet.

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