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Miss. Piggys Nails
Miss. Piggys Nails  

Miss. Piggy
Miss. Piggy  
My 3 year old pot belly pig has trained me well, she weights about 250 lbs, her belly doesn't drag or touch the floor. My question is she is very aggressive when I try to cut her nails. Can I give her benadryl to help her relax? Do I need to get a tranquilizers from her vet? What can I do for her to allow me to groom her without her going into rodeo pig and trying to bit me? I've try rubbing her bellie but when she feels the Clippers she quickly stands up and attacks.

You will need to contact your Vet to determine how to safely sedate your pig.
The more pressing issue is her weight.  She will live a more comfortable, healthy and happy life if she losses her extra weight.
Please contact me on my personal email and I will be happy to help you get her down to a proper healthy weight.  In the mean time you can order a feed to get her started on a much healthier lifestyle by going to the web site and ordering their Adult Chow and Multi Vits/Mins.  You will start seeing a positive difference in just a couple of weeks.
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