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I have a 4 month old mini potbelly and she has been doing great ever since I got her. But, within the last day or two her oink/grunt has been sounding different and she can't squeal as she normally does. It sounds like someone that has a tickle in thier throat when she grunts, it also sounds like a moo, and her squeal sounds like someone that is losing thier voice. She is eating and acting the same as she has since I brought her home. It mostly happens when she's laying down to fall asleep. Once she is in a deep sleep she's quiet. I'm just wondering what could be causing the problem.

As long as she's eating, drinking, peeing and pooping normally, chances are she's fine. Danger signs include fever and lethargy, so as long as her temp seems normal and she is active, she's probably Ok.

Pigs use their noses for all sorts of things, and often inhale things they shouldn't. So it's not unusual for a pig to get a runny nose or have sneezing fits. But if the pig has noticeable trouble breathing, it could be a problem.

Pigs make all sorts of noises. Momma pigs often make a soft, low Moooo sound to their babies to quiet and calm them. She might be making this noise to calm herself, or you. High pitched squeak toy noises mean piggy is relaxing and getting ready to sleep (or was almost asleep and disturbed).

Signs of breathing trouble are a continuous, dry cough, constant shallow breathing, obvious shortness of breath, etc,

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