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Pot Bellied Pigs/behavior changr after being neutered


Hello I have a question about my 7 week old mini potbelly Oscar. I got him about 2 weeks ago. The first day or so he was being really good and was really bonding to me. Well after he got comfortable around my dogs and in the house he started humping everything. So I read online to get him fixed and that will help so I did. And the humping has stopped but now it seems like he has gone through a personality change. He doesn't really seem to wanna be around me. And every time I pick him up he freaks outs and screams and squirms around. He use to come when I called him and now he dont he just completely ignores me. And what's also weird is doesn't seem to want to eat that much. I give him a bowl of food in the mornings and he eats it. But as I try to give him snacks throughout the day he don't want any but before he got fixed he would eat anything. I'm just worried about him. And i don't if he will eventually go back to how he was or stay this way.:(
Thanks. Crickett

How long ago was he neutered? Sometimes it takes a day or two for piggy to recover.

The loss of appetite is worrisome, and I suggest contacting your vet about it. It could be due to antibiotics or other post-op meds. I think the meds might affect the way food tastes for a pig, so try using pellets as treats instead of the usual treat.

A bigger concern for post-surgical pigs is water. Many pigs just don't like to drink water after surgery, so if piggy is not drinking as usual, try giving him some wet lettuce.

Work with him as if you are starting to socialize him from the beginning. Give him a safe space with a bed, litter box, and water dish. Sit on the floor with him in his safe space, talk softly to him, let him approach you. Feed him from your hand only, he must come to you for food. Tell him what you're going to do before you do it, like Rub Piggy Tummy, then rub his tummy.

It should only take a few days of this for him to resocialize and begin eating normally.  

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