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QUESTION: I got a mini pot belly in July. She was already 6-8 months old when I got her, and too large to be fixed safely without risk to her life. (She is on a diet for overweight piggies, but is right at 100 pounds) she is well housebroken and goes outside, she gets along well with my dog, and they are separated when no one is home. She generally only likes me and the dog, she will tolerate my boyfriend, and hides from anyone else. Until her "time" at that time, she loves all men. The problem is, she is, during her heat, attempting to aggressively hump and bite my dog and myself, since I can't get her fixed and won't put her outside for something she can't help, is there anything I can do to make this time easier on all of us?

ANSWER: Hello,
It is unfortunate that she wasn't spayed when she was younger.
You really don't have options other than keeping her away from men when she is in heat.
An inside space would an option for you.
As far as her weight goes if you will send me a picture  can evaluate her weight and suggest a feeding program that will help her maintain a proper and healthy weight.

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QUESTION: This is my girl, Mila. She is fat, I know. But she's my sweet girl, I want to get her down to a healthy weight in a healthy way. She eats 12% protein mini pig chow, 1/2 cup twice a day, and some celery for treats. She occasionally sneaks small bites of food that I or my boyfriend is eating. She's a good girl, just a little fat and doesn't like strangers.

Yes......she is a big girl.
I would suggest that you change her feeding program.  What you are feeding now is causing her to be overweight and unhealthy.
To help her loose her extra weight and maintain a healthy future weight please use Infinity Plus Adult.
It is balanced for Mini pig and will keep her satisfied and healthy.  
You will also want to try the Vit/min supplement.  It is designed for indoor pet pigs so they receive all the benefits of what they would get if they were outside rooting around all day.
You should see a nice difference in about a month.
Give her only healthy snacks...mostly vegetables and a very small amount of fruit.
Hope this helps.

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