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My pig, pork chop, is about five months old and everything was going great. He was consistently using the pee pee pads we have down for him, and there wasn't really anytimes where we had to yell or put him in "time out" I recently had a baby about a month ago, and was in the hospital for three days. At that time we had someone else taking care of him for us. Ever since we've been home though he is peeing anywhere he likes, even the couch. He is constantly doing things he knows is wrong. When act in the act he runs and then later will try to make up for it by licking my face and or laying in my lap making haha noises. He doesn't respond to any punishment. We take away snacks, and toys. Don't let him on the furniture, and put him in his cage but to no prevail. He now has to be constantly watched, and I don't know what to do anymore. I try to be firm, and push him back while telling him bad but nothing works. Any advice would be great. Than you so much.

A five month old piglet is still a baby. I am guessing that whoever babysat him did not enforce potty habits, so piggy quickly picked up the bad habit of peeing everywhere.

Start potty training over from step 1. Make a safe space for him that's big enough for his bed, a potty box and a little room to play, but not much. The idea is to keep him confined really close to his potty box or pee pad so he can reach it quickly. Young pigs often don't realize they have to go until it's too late to dash across the room to the box, so keeping him near the box helps.

Make him go potty in his box before letting him out of his confined space. Once he's out, take him back to potty after maybe 5 minutes. Then take him back to the box at least once every hour, and before and after he eats, or as soon as he wakes up from a nap. Keeping him on a harness and lead when he is with you and out of his space helps a lot because you can catch him before he actually makes the accident.

Pigs don't understand negative punishment, piggy doesn't see any connection between his peeing and you taking away the toy. But pigs do understand rewards, so reward him every time he pees in the right place. And take him there over and over again, many times, the idea is that he stays so empty he doesn't need to have accidents.

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