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I've notice our mini pig Lucy has lost weight now that it is,winter months & she does not have access to the grass she loves. I've also noticed that her what I thought was dry skin has gotten worse its becoming kinda crusty with a red tint & she now has a horrible smell about her that she didn't have. This is our first winter  with,any of this common ? Should I supplement with her feed ? She currently gets 1/2cup twice a day &some veggies mid day

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet.

I suspect Lucy has mange. It's very common and easy to fix. The tiny mites that cause mange live only on the pig. They may jump off for awhile, but they can not lay eggs or survive very long away from the pig.

The treatment is Ivomectrin or a similar medicine given in two separate doses two weeks apart. The first dose kills any living mites, the second dose kills any mites that hatched after the first dose.

In severe cases as many as four treatments one week apart may be needed.

Your vet can evaluate her skin. A secondary skin infection would explain the smell, and she would need prescription antibiotics to fix that.

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