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I found my piggy this morning struggling to walk in a straight line and her head tilting. It looked almost as if she had a limp. Anyway, I checked on her during the day and she doesn't limp anymore but her head is tilting and she looks dizzy. Please help me, I hate to see her this way. Also, finding a vet where I live is very difficult and I woulk like an expert opinion before I do that.

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis or prescribe treatment over the internet.

Dizziness and a head tilt usually means something has gotten inside one of piggy's ears, the ear that is tipping downward. The ear system controls balance, just as it does in people.

Clean the outer part of piggy's ear really well. Pigs have very narrow ear canals, and it's easy for them to get blocked up with junk. It's also easy to accidentally block them while cleaning. So the best solution is to clean the outer ear, so when the body uses it's natural defenses to push the junk out of the inner ear, it has somewhere to go.

You can encourage this process by rubbing behind piggy's ear, where the ear meets the body. Don't use liquid to clean the ears, because even a stray drop getting down inside the ear canal might make things worse.  

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