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I have 2 year old piggy, who is house trained to use a litter box.

She has outgrown her current litter box and I cannot seem to find anything.  I have used a storage tote, like an under the bed one.  But I need one that is wider.  Please any suggestions of what I can use?  I got a kiddie pool but it is way to big.  She weights about 125 pounds.

Thank you for your help.


This is for a girl piggy? It's a little bit harder to find a good litter box for girls because they spray a little when they squat.

If you have access to large cardboard boxes, like maybe ask your corner store for large ones, you can cut them down to any size. You can even reshape them a bit with packing tape. Use a garbage bag to line the box. If the bag is big enough and the box is small enough you might be able to slip the box inside the bag which makes disposal super easy and the box will last a fairly long time.

Some people have success with the plastic pans used to drain water heaters, but these might be a bit small.

Another idea is to measure the storage bin you're using now. Figure out how much wider you need the new bin to be. Then, use those measurements and look for plastic storage on Amazon or Google shopping. Or go to a Home Deopot or Lowes type of store, and ask for storage bins or boxes or mixing containers (like for cement) that fit those dimensions. The store employees might know of something that I don't.

Another technique some people use with girl pigs is to cut a kiddie pool into pie shaped pieces, and use just one piece at a time. The piece is positioned so that when piggy squats, any stray spray will hit the side. Pee pads or old towels on the floor of the pie piece pool wedge catch the pee.  

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